Sunday, June 7, 2020

Bishop Hill Is Bustling Again.

‘Tis the season of renewal …and turkey vultures!
While work on our new water supply project continues to move through the streets of town, some of our businesses are open and restaurants have made arrangements to serve guests alfresco.  
Call ahead or check on your favorite businesses HERE to confirm hours and any restrictions that may apply to visitation. 
While in town, look up. The turkey vultures have returned from the south to nest in Bishop Hill. They do their part in keeping our streets clean for guests by consuming carrion. You’ll frequently find a kettle (flock) of these large, black birds soaring high above the village on thermals patiently searching for food. These birds nest in hollow trees, old barns, hollow stumps and rock crevices. Two eggs, white with brown spots, are laid in late spring.
Moon-rise and turkey vultures in Bishop Hill
In a spiritual context, the totem of a turkey vulture is said to exemplify adaptability, resourcefulness, and patience. Perhaps the Village of Bishop Hill might consider adopting it as our official bird. The 2020 season has been full of challenges for the business community where adaptability, resourcefulness and patience are key to success!