Monday, January 5, 2015

Warmth and good cheer in the year ahead!

my view west
This morning I awoke to find a crawl of weather-related cancellations running across the TV screen during the local news. Snow is predicted for our area and the temperature is expected to drop well below zero in the week ahead. I immediately felt uncomfortable by the ominous forecast. Brushing back the curtains, I saw it was still dark outside. I caught a picture the full moon just before it slipped below the horizon at dawn. 
a frequent visitor
Most cultures have given meaningful names to the full moons throughout the year. Here in the Midwest this month’s moon, The Wolf Moon, was at it’s fullest on January 4th at 10:52 pm. Howling heard in the cold dark of night inspired the name and, although the calls you hear today are more likely coyotes than timber wolves, that eerie midnight song is just as chilling. Burrrrrrrr.
The beauty of living in Bishop Hill is never more obvious to me than when I’m forced inside by weather. I live in a cottage built in 1928. It was the first dwelling in the village built - not retrofit - with central heating, indoor plumbing, and electricity!
my little mermaids
The tiny footed tub in the guest bathroom was the height of luxury back in the day. Generations later, it still delights the youngest of my clan! How easy it is to romanticize the past. But truth be told, thinking of what winter weather meant to the settlers of this community, makes me feel snug, warm, and most fortunate to be living here NOW!

May the frostiest of your days be warmed by the same sort of epiphany that comforts me here in utopia today. Plan to visit again in 2015. Honor the past but let our history reminded you how privileged you are to be living in the present! Cheers to you in the year ahead.