Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Photos of Bishop Hill - Do you see what I see?

I had fun taking pictures this past weekend in Bishop Hill. The weather was beautiful and the town was filled with gleeful guests enjoying the harvest celebration. I remember a time when cameras held film and every shot was executed with care because to print photos took time and money. Digital cameras have changed all that. In two days I clicked hundreds of pics expecting to use the best of the best here for your perusal online. When I got home and  reviewed my photos I laughed at my folly. Because I was hasty,  many of my shots contained unattractive modern elements like coolers, speakers, and trashcans. Only a decade ago I would have framed each pic to avoid such blemishes but I thought it would be easy enough to crop or erase them. But it's not so easy. Other views of the crowd often captured at least one person in an unattractive pose or gesture. Lots of oops here and there.
And finally, what made me laugh the most, was discovering that a many of my photos contained one or more photographers front and center, snapping the subject I was focused on!  If you would like to see some amazing Ag Days photographs, courtesy of Lou Lourdeau, (no butts, coolers, or photographers) check out this posting on the BHHA website!

This brings to mind something I read last week. According to the latest statistics in a recent Wall Street Journal article by Eben Shapiro, smartphones have exponentially increased the amount of street photographs taken. In the piece he goes on to report this jaw-dropping statistic: Every two minutes today we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800s. 

Ah, but I wonder how many of these images have the ability to provoke thoughts or start a conversation?

That said, I am always interested in how visitors “see” Bishop Hill. I live here and often overlook the corners of the community an out-of-towner includes in his snapshots. I would love to view the pictures that Bishop Hill guests wish to share. I am working on an online album to which folks can add their best. Please email me for details if you have something to contribute. Want to share images today? You are invited to add your photos to the Bishop Hill Arts Council Facebook page. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When folks see Bishop Hill at its best, they are far more inclined to visit!