Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I am astonished and humbled by the interest shown in my eggs featured in the April 2013 issue of Oprah Magazine. Thanks to all who have purchased eggs in the past and to those who have extended complements. Nothing could have prepared me for the tsunami of inquiries and orders resulting from this exposure. And so, I have done little else in the past weeks but for organizing, dyeing, carving, wrapping, and shipping Easter eggs for an ever growing audience.
This has been a truly amazing experience.

Apologies to all looking to this blog for updates on recent activities here in utopia. I have exciting stories to share about new businesses and opportunities that will surely enhance the Bishop Hill experience for all. These features are on the drawing board.

Until I can take time to showcase these subjects properly I will call your attention to the websites below, the latest foray into cyberspace by our local organizations.

Click here to keep abreast of happenings here in the Hill:

Bishop Hill Heritage Association and The Bishop Hill Arts Council

Happy spring to all!
- Beth