Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day To All!

February is a quiet month here in Bishop Hill. Folks are busy behind the scenes preparing for a new season to bloom. Renovations on the Steeple Building are nearing completion while work continues on the Colony Store. A new fence bordering the east side of the Village Park is in place and major renovations are underway at the Arts Council Building. From this point on, everything is on an upswing!
I did not want to let this day go by without posting a cyber-valentine to all the folks who visit Bishop Hill throughout the year. Please know that you are most welcome and your support of our events and projects is appreciated by all!

Making simple Swedish heart baskets is a favorite pastime in Bishop Hill. You'll find these decorations on our Christmas trees, Easter trees, and used as Mayday baskets - and, of course, they are the perfect memento for you to fashion for Valentine's day. For those of you who forget how simple and fun it is to make these little beauties, you can click the video the link below for step by step instructions. Unlike the sample I've shown, the pattern in the video reveals an added detail of hearts in the finished piece!